About Walkabout Dogs

based in Boston, MA 

Walkabout Dogs provides a unique outlet for dogs to exercise regularly for an extended period of time with other dogs on regular adventure hikes. Additionally, we offer check-in, overnight, and other specialty care services. 

Providing Adventure Hikes & Care Services for Pets & Their Humans

Walkabout Dogs began in 2007, by Sarah Kilgallon and her vizsla, Dudley, by her side. She established the Adventure Hikes based on two guiding principles: provide dogs with the best off-leash experience and let them socialize naturally within the setting of a pack.

In 2020, Tony Latessa and his ridgeback , Ona, purchased Walkabout Dogs. Both carry forward the same energy and enthusiasm. Tony is a life-long animal caregiver, having adopted three dogs and personally trained all of them. At various points the caretaker of four cats, a rabbit, a hedgehog, a red-tailed boa, and a wide array of fish throughout his life, he is well versed in general animal care needs. Most importantly, he’s a proud father of three delightful children that keep him happily busy with life beyond his work and vocation.


Walkabout Dogs maintains that dogs, are an integral part of our family. It is important to understand a dog “sees” a person’s actions more than “hears” their words. Dogs understand actions through proper training, handling, guidance, exercise, nutrition, the right amounts of correction, and the unadulterated flow of love, patience, and encouragement. This is monumental to raising a healthy confident dog that can adjust in our ever changing human world. Walkabout Dogs strongly believes that dogs benefit most from their pure dog experiences, where humans take a step back, allowing the dogs to socialize and build their own unique bonds.

Walkabout Dogs focuses on the health and happiness of the dogs in our care. The hikes are 2+hour jaunts through the pristine conservation lands of Metro West Boston between the hours of 930 am- 200 pm. The dogs are free to do what they do best: run, chase, fetch, swim, and sniff. This care is all seasons and all weather. This isn’t big business, this is client focused, what’s best for the dog business. Walkabout Dogs aspire to bring home tired and happy dogs at the end of day, and record their daily antics and romps in photos. We offer on-leash experiences as well before and after off-leash hours. We also build up our dogs so they can be part of the off-leash crew!

With Tony’s love of working with and training dogs in off-leash and on-leash environments, as well as his wealth of experience in management, operations, and customer relations, he is thrilled to carry on the Walkabout Dogs Family Tradition along with expand services offered.

If you’re looking for your dog to join the hikes, require overnight care, behavior reinforcement training, or added socialization Walkabout Dogs is here for you and your dog’s needs!

Thank you for stopping by!

Tony and Ona Latessa