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What you want to know

How long are dog adventure hikes?

We are all season, all weather.. The average hike in great weather lasts two hours. Though we hike in the rain and snow, temperature and conditions is a factor we monitor. Safety is our utmost concern. Hike may be shortened due to these circumstances.

Where do you go on adventure hikes with the dogs?

Everywhere dogs are permitted from the forests of Concord/ Framingham/ Dover and other places in the Metro West. As well as farms land in Wayland, State parks, wherever our adventures take us that dogs are permitted off leash. I access my crew daily and challenge them to go where they go.

When do you go on adventure hikes? (Days of week, time of day?)

In reality, 7 days a week. Walkabout dogs participates in day boarding and overnight care. This gives our clients the peace of mind knowing their beloved family member is in a safe environment receiving the care and attention they deserve!

Officially, we operate Monday thru Friday typically between the hours of 9am-2:30pm.

Do you pick up my dog, or do I bring my dog to you?

Walkabout Dogs comes to you. The pickup is important. Dogs never like to see their pawrents leave without them. Though they loooove Walkabout Dogs, they looooove you more!

Do you drop off my dog, or do I meet you somewhere to collect my dog?

Walkabout Dogs will drop your pup back home to you! Circumstances may change with boarding. We are flexible and will do what works best for you and your pup!

How many dogs go on adventure hikes at one time?

We take up to 7 dogs per hike. A lot of dogs work in pairs a well as trios. Dogs are pack animals and connect to their furiends.

What type of care services do you offer?

We offer Day and overnight care. On leash as well as our off leash programs. Reinforcement behavioral training. Dog pack integration. Human training… How to take your dog off leash. Our ability is to learn your needs and develop a plan to meet those expectations of what your envision your relationship with your dogs. When you participate in Walkabout Dogs your are now part of our pack as we are part of yours!


We also offer photography of you and family members. 

Learn more about our services here

What is the cost of your services?

Standard costs of services can be found on the site (here).

What happens if my dog is unable to participate in a scheduled hike adventure?

Let us know 24 hours ahead and there will be no charge. We can reschedule if space permits.

What happens if something goes wrong on a hiking adventure with one or more of the dogs?

We are 100 percent insured and bonded. We also believe in 100 percent disclosure. If something happens unexpectedly we want your input.

What type of information do you need from me to determine if my dog is a good fit for the pack?

First fill out the questionnaire, then we schedule a meet and greet with a Walkabout Representative. Lastly we schedule a meet and greet with Our Captain of the Pack Ona. If she says yes your pup is in!!

Can I join a dog adventure hiking session?

Absolutely! When joining, it is still about the doggos unless you are scheduling a personal hike lesson (fee) or participating in a group learning session( fee or free pending opportunities available). We want you and your pup to experience the joy of nature, the sites and scenery, receive the exercise and breathe the fresh air!

Do you offer meet & greet sessions to meet a new dog?

This is a standard offering. Walkabout Dogs does not just accept any dog. Dog integration is a process and a blending of personality. Every dog is brimming with potential and Walkabout Dogs works hard to understand what your dog needs.

What if my dog has behavioral issues, health or other concerns?

Let’s do a meet and greet and assess.

Walkabout Dogs is community oriented. If we do not offer what your dog/s need immediately, we will work together to put your loved one/s in the proper situation.

A door that does not open today may open tomorrow. Walkabout loves supporting the needs and wellbeing not only of our furiend but the furamily as well.

We all envision what owning a loving dog looks like, creating that dog bond seen in movies. Let us work together and make it a reality!

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